Genki Sushi

I mentioned Genki Sushi from my previous posts. On our first day in Singapore, my officemates brought us to this Japanese restaurant at the Orchard Central. Unfortunately, we didn’t bring any cameras so Jay and I decided to go back and take photos next time.

How it works: Each table has an iPad which you will use to send your order. Just browse through the menu and once you’ve decided you want to include it, tap the photo of the food and it would be placed on the list as part of the order. You can only order four items at a time. When you’re done choosing, tap the word “ORDER” and wait for it to arrive. There’s a “tray” where your food will be placed and brought to you. Once you’ve taken the food, push the yellow button so that the “tray” can go back to the kitchen. To get the bill, tap the “Service Call’ in the iPad and a waiter/waitress will come to you and verify your orders from the number of plates in your table. Once they give you the go-signal, you can then go to the counter and pay the bill.

Notes: You can track your orders from the iPad. Not all orders are brought via train. Some of them will be brought by the waiters/waitresses.

It was fun watching your food arrive. ^_^ It would be nice if a branch opens here in Manila. I imagine they’ll have to “chain” the iPads to the tables to make sure no one takes them home. Hehe.

We're back!

Inside Genki Sushi

Our table... I wanted to take that iPad home.

What's available? Lots of Japanese food.

Tea, anyone?


Don't forget to push that button...

Wet tissues

Here's our maki!

California maki

Mini toridon -- I think.

Mini chicken teriyaki

The best scallops I've ever had.


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