Hard Rock Hotel – Resorts World Sentosa

We arrived at the hotel around 3PM and had a bit of a hard time finding the hotel’s lobby coming from the bus stop. The check-in process was really slow and when it was our time, we were told that our room was not yet ready. We waited ’til 4:30PM to get our room keys. Nobody showed us to our rooms or explained anything to us either so we were left to figure things out by ourselves.

The hotel interior was really nice. I loved it. There were pictures of singers on the walls and some clothes they used as decorations. The pool is really pretty too and there was sand at the poolside that made it feel like you were in a beach (I didn’t get to take a photo though). When we asked to borrow a fork (to eat noodles), I was told that there’s a service charge of 5SGD for it. I couldn’t believe my ears. What we did was go to a nearby KFC and eat there, then we took home one of their plastic forks back to the hotel. Hehe.

The location of the hotel was very convenient. Sentosa and Universal Studios are right within your grasp so you could even take time to go back to your room to rest a bit if you need it. I wish we could’ve maximized our time here a bit more. Jay and I were always on the go that we weren’t able to enjoy the facilities very much.

I apologize for the not so nice photos… Too tired to try to take better ones and the hallways are too dark (I don’t like using my built-in flash).

Waiting for our room to be available...

The music vibe is everywhere...

Swim! Swim! Wanna go swimming!

Pictures of singers hang on the wall in front of the elevators.

We didn't get to hang out at the bar and listen to any performance... 😦

The bar...

The Rock Shop right across the reception area.

Well, hello...

Inside our room...

Mini bar

Our sink area...

Toilet area

Toiletries placed in a little guitar thingy... and a transparent stool. Cuteness.

Jay trying to figure out how to work the safety deposit box.

Some photos inside our room

Waiting for the elevator.... Time to roam around Sentosa.


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