Wedding Anniversary Celebration: Day 3 – Chinatown

Check-in day at the hotel. But since check-in time is still around 2PM, we decided to go to Chinatown in the morning. We used the wikitravel itinerary as a guide here. We enjoyed walking around and checking some of the shops. Chinatown is a good place to shop for souvenirs. The Buddha Tooth Relic Temple was really interesting. It was the first time I’ve been inside a place like that. Jay and I enjoyed exploring and learning about their culture.

We headed back to the apartment around lunch time to get our luggages and went to Resorts World. We were able to book Hard Rock Hotel via Agoda which I think was a good find considering its proximity to Sentosa and Universal Studios.

After checking in, Jay and I went window-shopping at Orchard and ate at Genki Sushi again making sure I take photos this time. We bought my teammates a cake as a “Thank You” and delivered it to Meyer’s apartment then headed back to the hotel for a much needed rest.

What we saw as soon as we stepped off Chinatown station.

Ummm.... Goes to show how many FIlipinos are in SG now.

Nice bike.

I thought it was a live animal but it wasn't. It was moving around on the water like it was real. It was kinda creepy.

This looks familiar...

I thought about going inside but Jay seemed reluctant.

Most of the establishments were still closed when we went here. I guess we were too early.

Buddha Tooth Relic Temple. It also serves as a museum. We were lucky enough to see the Holy Relic. Unfortunately, taking photos is not allowed.

Inside the first floor.

This was located at the rooftop which they turned into a garden. I don't know the purpose but we saw some people spinning it then a bell will ring.... or clang.

Lots of small Buddha statues on the walls.

I thought it would be nice to take photos here (pre/post-nup style) but we didn't have a tripod. 😦

A tourist praying

I thought it said "NO Entrance" so I was baffled when I saw the other door labeled "Exit". Jay was just laughing at me.

Inside the temple. A view from the 3rd (I think) floor.


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