Wedding Anniversary Celebration: Days 1 & 2

Jay and I filed for a week-long vacation leave on our wedding anniversary week way back in April even though we didn’t really have any plans yet. All we knew was that we wanted to spend as much time together as we can during that week since we hardly see each other on weekdays.

Initially, we were thinking of going to Hong Kong but decided to postpone that. We ended up with a trip to Singapore instead. We booked our flight to Singapore via Singapore Airlines in November and we were lucky enough to be able to get a good deal.

Finding accommodations was a challenge. Especially since we wanted to stay for atleast 5 days and almost everything in Singapore is more expensive than usual. Fortunately, one of my teammates, John (I call him Meyer), who is currently in Singapore for a project offered to let us stay in his place during our trip. Jay didn’t want to impose too much though so instead of staying with them for our whole trip, we only stayed for our first two nights and got a hotel for the rest.

We left for Singapore on December 3 (Saturday). Meyer met us at the airport and lent us her girlfriend’s (Jandi) extra EZLink Cards. On the way to his apartment, he explained how the transportation system (bus and mrt) works. Two more teammates invited us to eat out and we headed to Genki Sushi at Orchard Central. It’s this really cool Japanese restaurant where each table has an iPad and that’s what you use to order. I’ll post more about it some other time.

Meyer recommended for us to go to Marina Bay Sands and Merlion that night since it’s near the apartment but we were so tired that we just slept in.

On our second day, we went to Singapore Zoo and the Night Safari. It was the best zoo I’ve ever been to. Lots of animals and most of them are not just in steel cages.  Unfortunately, we didn’t get to explore the whole place ‘coz we ran out of time but we did manage to see all the shows. ^_^

The Night Safari ticket includes the tram ride. Flash photography is not allowed as it could scare the animals away and might also cause blindness.  Aside from that, we were too exhausted to take anymore photos, not to mention the fact that we look a little worse for wear by this time. Hence, no pictures at all. 😦 Aside from riding the tram, you can also see the animals by walking through the trails. They also have a show that’s usually scheduled around 7:30, 8:30 and 9:30. Because it was raining, the 1st and 2nd show were cancelled. Fortunately, the rain let up and the last show went on. I was able to record the show on video but I don’t think it’s good enough to post.

It was a very exhausting day. I can’t remember the last time I walked that much. But Jay and I had fun and we’ll gladly do it again.

Breakfast menu

Time to eat! I misread the description of the egg. I thought it was hard-boiled. Apparently, it was half-boiled. -_-

First animal we got to see inside

The rides and shows available

Colorful birds

This kid was literally talking to the bird. So adorable.

Aside from turtles, I can't remember if there were other animals here.

They're just hanging around...

We forgot our tripod. We can only take photos of our shoes together. Hehe.


White tiger! Finally saw one with no steel cage hindering my view.

This is the closest I've been to a hippo.

The first show we saw...

Animal Friends Show. The kids were having lots of fun.

Love this dog's eyes. After the show we got to pet them. ^_^

A ferret!

It's Major. I wanted to take these animals home.

Anyone wants to cool down?

Lots of beautiful view

I wonder if this cat can be domesticated. I want one!

Feeding time of the rhinos.

It's Pumba!

And here's Timone! Hehe. Their cages were right beside each other. I'm assuming that's intentional.

Largest flower

I don't know what this is but it was just hanging around the butterfly sanctuary



Finally saw some penguins!

Ben & Jerry's after the zoo just before Night Safari.


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