The Honeymoon

Yup. I’m still alive. Jay and I just had our week-long 1st wedding anniversary celebration so I was busy for a bit. I’ll be posting about it soon. For now, I thought I’ll post about our honeymoon last year instead since I never got to. I can’t believe it has already been a year since then…

For our honeymoon, Jay and I went to Bohol. Our flight was two days after our wedding. We barely had time to pack for the trip and unpack our stuffs from the hotel when we already had to leave. Can’t really remember much of the details but we stayed there for 4 days.

Tagbilaran Airport

We arrived at Tagbilaran Airport early in the morning and was able to check in to our resort, Panglao Island Nature Resort & Spa. The resort was beautiful. They have a cave and a man-made islet exclusive for their customers. They had us ride a golf-cart-like vehicle and took us to our room which was in the second floor of what seems to look like a two-storey house. Our room was complete with amenities. We even had an outdoor jacuzzi.

On the way up to our room

No bidet but the toilet squirts water.

Shower area

Sink complete with toiletries and a hairdryer

Outdoor jacuzzi

Smallest tube of Colgate I've ever seen

After checking in, we took a quick nap ’til around lunch time. When we woke up, the weather was not so good. 😦 It was raining hard. We went to their restaurant and ordered some soup to make up for the cold weather.

Rain, rain go away!

My clamchowder soup

Jay's pumpkin soup (I liked this more)

When the rain finally stopped, we decided to take a walk at the beach and ofcourse take some pictures. Afterwards, one of the resort’s staffs took us to the cave where some foreigners were swimming. The staff looking after them mentioned that there are guano (bat poop) at the bottom of the water. Ofcourse the foreigners had no idea what we were talking about and were just having fun swimming around. We were also told that it has been raining the past couple of days which really worried us.

Infinity pool

Beach! Fine sand! Yay!

Still hang up from the wedding. Our theme: Bound Together

Cave in the resort

After the cave, we went to the spa to claim our free massage. A nice way to end our day.

Waiting area of the spa. Nice view!

We woke up the next day and had breakfast then checked out the beach again. It was low tide. Jay and I had fun taking pictures. Then, we were picked up by Kuya Daboy who would be our tour guide for the day. We got him as a tour guide from Kuya Jesser who was referred by a W@Wie. Can’t really remember the rates but it was way cheaper than the usual. Especially if we’ll compare it to the rates of the resort. Here are his contact numbers if anyone’s interested: 09157945556 & 09223671051.


This was our itinerary:
(1) Blood Compact site. We were told that it was not the REAL Blood Compact site (but that’s where the statue was mistakenly built).

Blood compact

(2) Baclayon Church. Unfortunately, the museum was closed because it was their fiesta that day. And anyways, our outfits were a bit inappropriate for church.

Baclayon Church. Do you see the face-shape on the wall?

(3) We drove by the REAL Blood Compact site which was still being built. I think they’ll transfer the statue there when it’s done.

The "real" blood compact site

(4) Tarsier Sanctuary. I felt kind of bad for the poor tarsiers. Sometimes, people deliberately wake them up for pictures. We were told not to touch them ‘coz they bite sometimes. They also had some Flying Lemurs in the sanctuary.

Flying lemur

Sweet dreams!

(5) Man-made Enchanted Forest where we took some quick pics.

Man-made enchanted forest

I was just thinking how nice it would be to have a shoot here when I saw this... Eek!

(6) The famous Chocolate Hills.

Chocolate hills. Uh-oh! Grey clouds ahead.

Wishing well. Ka-ching!

(7-8) After the Chocolate Hills, it started raining again. Kuya Daboy took us to a hanging bridge but Jay and I decided not to get out of the car anymore because of the rain. We then went for lunch at Loboc River on a cruise. It wasn’t exactly my ideal setting for lunch. There were only long tables available so we had to sit with strangers and the seats weren’t very comfortable. Not too much space either and there’s really nothing much to see during the cruise. They stopped by a floating stage for a bit where some locals were entertaining people by dancing and singing folk songs. They say it’s much better at night though. Maybe I’ll give it another shot next time.

(9) Butterfly Farm where I learned that there are gay butterflies.

Lots of pupae

Gay butterfly. Notice how the wings on one side is bigger than the other?

Moth larvae... Eek!

(10) Prony the super huge python. This python can eat me whole.

Snake skin underwear... literally

One HUGE python

(11) Bee Farm where we had the creamiest ice cream ever. Yummy!

Yummy ice cream!


(12) Hinagdanan Cave for our last stop which was near our resort.

Hinagdanan cave

Weird writings on the wall of the cave.

I can’t remember at which part of the tour it was but we went to another church. Kuya Daboy told us that there’s a well in the middle of its altar so we wanted to see it. However, there was a wedding being held so we didn’t get the chance to see the well. 😦

We didn’t really do anything the next day. I told Jay we could go to an island tour next and see some dolphins but he was having doubts because it was raining and he was afraid that there will be no dolphins anyway. We spent the day pigging out and lazying around. We took the chance to go to the man-made islet and take some pictures. I also got to try the resort’s chocolate milkshake which was really delicious! We planned on having dinner at the islet (the resort can arrange it for you) but unfortunately, it rained just before dinner and we never got to. 😦

Thank God for tripods. Hehe.

On the way to the islet.

Spent a bit of time on the islet before it rained.

Later that night, we got a text from Kuya Jesser asking us if we wanted an island tour the next day. Our flight back home was in the afternoon so we hesitated a bit but he promised that he could get us back around lunch. He also assured us that there will definitely be dolphins.

We had to wake up really early in the morning (5AM) so we could go dolphin watching but it was all worth it. Kuya Jesser picked us up at the resort and he arranged for a boat for us. There were so many boats looking for dolphins too. Eventually, we found schools of them. It was amazing! They were just swimming around near the boats. This was one of those times I wished I had super zoom camera lens. Hehe.

Good morning!

Dolphins located!

Wah! They were so close! I wanna swim with them... even though I can't swim.

Dolphins, wait for us!

Who's the captain of the boat?

After spending quite some time watching the dolphins, we were taken to Balicasag Island to go snorkeling. This was my favorite part of the trip. The water was so clear and there were so much marine life. You don’t even have to dip your head in the water to see the fishies. Our guide took us to the deeper part of marine sanctuary which had this “coral wall”. It was breath-taking…

Water at Balicasag. Prettiest marine sanctuary I've been so far.

We then got hungry so we decided to have lunch at Balicasag. You can order from one of the houses there. They have fresh seafood that they can cook however you like.

When we finished lunch, we headed to the Virgin Island which was this beautiful sandbar. It’s not meant for swimming though. It’s mostly for picture-taking. There were sea urchins and starfish lying around in the sandbar. Some already dead while some were still struggling to survive. It was a picturesque place.

Virgin Island

Dead, dried starfish.

A foreign couple -- for some reason, I just wanted to take a photo of them. Hehe.

This ended our Bohol trip. After Virgin Island, we went back to the resort, packed our bags and checked out. I will definitely come back again.


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