To Credit or Not To Credit

Wow, I’ve been a really bad writer, haven’t I? Only 4 updates for November? It’s not that I don’t have much to write about ‘coz I actually have a few stuffs hanging around in my drafts but I’ve just been too lazy lately to finish it… Anyways, on with my post…

I’ve never had a credit card in my life. I try to avoid it ’cause I don’t like owing anyone money. My mom’s also against it and since I listen to her sometimes most of the time, I’ve never even tried to apply for one. I don’t know how many times I’ve declined credit card offers. I’ve lost count as to how many agents of different banks have called me just to offer me one, even adding free gifts and what-not. My answer is always: “Not interested.” There was even a time when Metrobank just sent me a card without even notifying me about it. Ofcourse, I didn’t activate the card and I called their customer service to ask why they sent me one when I never applied. I can’t remember their answer to that.

My officemates tell me to just get one for emergency purposes but I’m really against it. Especially now, when I seem to have been possessed by Becky Bloomwood’s spirit. I can’t stop spending my money!

A few weeks ago, however, I had a problem with NOT having a credit card. I do a lot of online shopping and a lot of the groupon sites require credit cards for payment. I missed a really huge deal at dealdozen that I wanted so badly because I didn’t have a credit card around. Jay applied for a credit card (I’m too much of a wuss to get one for myself) but the limit was too low for us to be able to purchase the deal. 😦 I was so down that weekend.

As an answer, instead of getting a credit card, Jay got a debit card from PSBank which actually proved to be useful when we booked our flights and hotel. I really don’t like buying anything on credit, you see. If I’m going to purchase anything I want to use my OWN money for it. The downside to this is that the debit card should always have money in it for us to be able to use it.

Just yesterday, I got another credit card from BPI. And I didn’t even apply! When I checked to see the limit, it was four times my salary. My goodness! Why can’t these banks just leave me alone?! Now I’m wondering if I should keep the card or not. Especially when Jay and I have two trips for the next two months. This would be really useful. But then again, it might just be the first step to a potential financial crisis. Help.


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