Fruits Basket – Episode 5

One of my favorite episodes. This shows how important Tohru has become to Yuki and Kyo. And Shigure is just so funny, as usual…

Shigure: Don’t mind him. I think we caught him off-guard with the news, is all. We just witnessed a classic example of what I like to call misdirected rage. I believe the technical term is being an ass.
Kyo: You are so full of it!

Tohru gets a call from his grandpa

Kyo finds out about Tohru leaving

Yuki finds out too...

Somebody stop her, please...

Tohru: This reminds me of something that happened when I was little. There was this game that all the kids used to play, “Fruits Basket”.
“You’re an apple!” “You’re a banana!” “You’re an orange!” “You’re a watermelon!” “Cherry!” “Pear!” “Peach!” “Tohru, you get to be the riceball!”
Kid Tohru: The riceball! Ooh… That sounds yummy!
Tohru: I guess they were just trying to tease me a little bit the way kids do sometimes. But I didn’t know that back then. The game went on and all the other kids were called one by one. Everyone was running and laughing, and the whole time I sat there, smiling… Hoping one of them would shout out “Riceball!” so I could play too… Yeah… even since back then, I’ve never been good about thinking things through… I should have known… There’s no way I could have joined the others. A riceball doesn’t belong on a fruits basket.

Kid Tohru playing "Fruits Basket"

You get to be the riceball!

Yuki: Speaking of which, where’s that cat?
Shigure: I’d think you know by now, afterall, sulking on the roof does seem to be one of the strange little ways Kyo shows he cares.

Shigure: Tohru! I’m starving! What’s for breakfast? <enters the kitchen>
Shigure: I forgot! Our dear, sweet Tohru has gone, gone away…
Yuki: That sounded like you forgot on purpose.
Shigure: No, ofcourse not! That would be pretty despicable, don’t you think? But you know, without Tohru here, it does feel like all the fire has gone out of this kitchen, doesn’t it? Suddenly, it feels so cold and dreary.
Kyo: Dammit! You ARE saying that on purpose, aren’t you?!
Shigure: In any event, consumed by grief, though we are, I suppose we can’t help but get hungry at some point. Which reminds me, Tohru left us some of her delicious beef stew in the refrigerator, yes?

Shigure: Perfect! Now, why don’t you heat that up for us, Yuki?
Yuki: YOu’re joking, right?
Shigure: Ah, ofcourse… You’re not too handy in the kitchen, are you? Well, Kyo, I guess that leaves you!
Kyo: Why do I got to do it?!
Shigure: No, no, it’s alright. If you don’t mind letting the last of the wonderful beef stew that Tohru put her heart and soul in preparing for us get burnt to a crisp, then neither do I. Afterall, I supposed burnt beef stew will be just as satisfying as burnt miso soup or burnt rice or burnt eggs or any of the fine burnt dishes Yuki used to make for us before Tohru feel into our lives. Ah, yes! We all seemed to do quite well on our charcoal-rich diet. I’m sure there’s no reason we won’t get accustomed to it again…

Shigure enters the kitchen calling Tohru's name.

Yuki: I’ll have to rate your presentation, zero.
Kyo: Fine! Then do it yourself next time!
Shigure: We thank you for this stew, Tohru, wherever you are…

Shigure: And to think, two bright, handsome young, men like you, couldn’t find a way to keep the girl who cooked this delicious stew from leaving… Oh, the tragedy!
Yuki: If she can go back to her grandfather’s house, there’s no reason for her to stay here, is there?
Shigure: Ahhh… I’m afraid only our sorrow will tell us as the long, lonely hours without her passes by. Oh… and our only solace is the few scattered traces of Tohru left about the house. Like this cute, strawberry towel, for instance. I found it still hanging in the shower. I have but to press it against my face, and the sweet scent of Tohru reminds me of happier days…
Kyo: You sick, bastard!

We thank you for the stew, Tohru, wherever you are...

Tohru's strawberry towel

Ouch! Shigure gets hit for being a pervert. XD

Shigure: Oh, welcome home!”Hi, Shigure! It’s good to be home.” Is that too much to ask?

Young Kyouko (Tohru's mom)

Tohru's stupid cousin gets slapped by their grandpa for being an @ss.

One of my favorite scenes… I squealed the first time I saw this.
Grandpa: So, if there’s somewhere you’d rather be, darling, you can go.
Tohru: But, that wouldn’t be right. How can I be anything less than grateful for what I have. I’ve been blessed with a mother who loved me. Two wonderful friends. Hana and Uo. What more could I possibly want when I have people in my life who care about me as much as they do. There have been so many people who have been kind to me, Yuki and the others, and you… You’ve given me a place in your table. A roof over my head. I should feel like the luckiest girl in the world. I have so much to be thankful for right here. So, where else would I rather be? Except… I didn’t think that leaving Yuki and the others would make me feel so… so lonely. There was still so much I hoped to learn about all of them. I wanted us to go on eating our meals together like a family, where I could talk to them about so many things. Everything. The truth of it is, I didn’t want to leave them at all. It felt like I belonged there. I wanted to stay in that house with Yuki and Kyo and Shigure. I wanted to stay!–
Yuki: In that case… why not come home?
Tohru: Yuki?!
Auntie: Who is this?!
Kyo Tohru: Kyo? You’re here too? But then… ummm… Ah! No, wait! Kyo, I…

And Yuki appears... Squeal!

Kyo too... Double squeal!


Tohru: Ah… Umm, wait! Kyo, how did you get here?
Kyo: What do you mean, “how”? YOU left the directions. And what kind of stupid map was that anyway? I got stuck having to walk around half this city looking for you with that damn Yuki!

<flashback of Yuki and Kyo trying to find Grandpa’s house>
Kyo: I told you we’re going the wrong way! Now, give me that map!
Yuki: Ah-ah!
<end of flashback>

Kyo: I told you we're going the wrong way! Now, give me that map! Yuki: Ah-ah!

Tohru: They must have been fighting the whole way, and they STILL came to find me.
Kyo: What the hell are YOU smiling about?!
Tohru: Oh, I uh… I’m sorry…
Kyo: Ah… That’s not what I meant to say! I, uh… what I mean is… I just… you know, I… Argh! I don’t even know why I’m doing this! It’s just for some reason ever since you left I’ve been getting pissed off about everything. And I couldn’t figure out why so it just pissed me off even more… And really! If you didn’t wanna leave, you could’ve said so from the beginning. You ever think about THAT?!
Tohru: What? But how did you…
Kyo: We heard you. Every word…
Tohru: Ohh….
Kyo: You know, you CAN tell people what you want. I mean, it’s annoying if you do it ALL the time. But I’d say in your case, you could stand to speak up for yourself a little more, complain a little, get upset or something, let people know what’s on your mind. It’s what you gotta do sometimes…
Kyo: Ahh! Oh, come on! What did I say?! Why are you crying?!
Tohru: Can we go? Please… I wanna go home. Take me back to the house now, okay?

Tohru: It’s true, mom. I really must be the luckiest girl in the world. I think I’m where I belong. Here, in this house. With my new family. It’s so good to be home.

Happy tears

Let's go home...

I'd give anything to be Tohru at this moment.

Shigure welcomes the trio home.


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