Room Service!

As mentioned in my previous post, our hotel is nowhere near a good continental restaurant or any other fastfood aside from McDonald’s so a lot of times I was forced to just get myself some room service. Here are some of the things I ordered (atleast those that I managed to take photos of before devouring them).

Chicken clear soup. It looks more like a veggie soup, doesn't it? The chicken chunks were at the bottom.

Captain Golden Crunchies. This was in the kid's menu. Fish fingers + Fries.

Ista Club Sandwich (Non-Veg)... Burp!

Chicken and Corn Soup. Instead of actual corn kernels, they used pesto popcorn. Yes, those floating things were popcorn.

Alfredo pasta (from the kid's menu - smaller serving and cheaper - unfortunately, they removed this from the kid's menu :()

Beef burger. This was the kid's version. I ordered the regular version before and I didn't get to finish it so I thought I'd get the smaller serving. This was still more than enough. They removed it from the kid's menu too. 😦 They probably thought I was exploiting the kid's menu too much. -_-

Below are photos of our daily breakfast. I didn’t take photos of the Indian food since I was never interested in them anyways. Aside from these, we can also order french toasts, pancakes and waffles.

Egg preparation station. From sunny side up to omelettes.

Bread for toasting

Fruits and juices. The juices tasted different from what I'm used to. This was also the first time I got to try fig (bottom-left plate beside the the pineapple).

Assorted bread... I only got to try a few of them, though.

More bread

And more...

Loaf of bread

Some more bread

Cheese and crackers

One of my favorites. Doughnuts!


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