Hotel Ista Bangalore

Our home away from home for four whole weeks. Hotel Ista Bangalore is a five-star hotel near MG Road (Bangalore’s shopping district). The hotel is a bit smaller than I expected but it has complete amenities and the staffs are really nice. They provide good service and the food is good as well.

The hotel has tight security. They X-Ray the luggages/bags before entering the building. All cars are also inspected before being allowed to enter the gates.

For the first five days, KC and I had to stay in the same room because they were fully booked. The room was nice but I think it’s a bit too small for a Superior Room and for its rates, especially if shared by two women. Hehe. Our room includes daily breakfast and internet access. After 5 days, I moved to my own room which was exactly the same as the one KC and I shared.

The hotel has an infinity pool and a gym, which I didn’t get to use. They also have a spa which I really wanted to try despite being a tad too expensive. I was planning on using it on our last day but certain circumstances didn’t allow me to do so. 😦

The Lido Restaurant is where we have our daily breakfast and I believe that’s where they get the room service from. There’s another restaurant called Pink Poppadom that we never got to try but it looks a bit more posh and I think they mostly serve Indian cuisines there. I’m not really sure though… They also have The Liquid Bar. We got to try some of their mojito. I got dizzy after one glass. -_-

What I didn’t like is that there’s only one fastfood near it, which is McDonald’s. I could only order two types of meals here: Filet-O-Fish or Chicken Nuggets. A girl can only take so much McDonald’s in a week, let alone four weeks. The food in the hotel is too pricey for us to get room service everyday. The laundry is too expensive too so we were forced to do our laundries ourselves in the sink and dry them with a blowdryer. 😦

One advantage I found in staying here is that it’s right beside Lido Mall which is like a department store. I guess you could compare it to Pure Gold or Masagana here in Manila (without the fastfood and kiosks). We can easily purchase stuffs that we need and buy some snacks at the grocery at a reasonable price.

My room

My super big bed.

Bed + 4 super big, fluffy pillows = comfy

My messy closet

My bathroom... it would've been better if it had a bath tub. Hehe.


I like to sit here and read a book... I love the big window.

Ulsoor Lake... my view

View from my window

Dining area of Lido Restaurant

The infinity pool that I never got to use

I wish I could've taken a dip here.

Drinks and towels ready beside the pool

The gym that I never got to use as well (even though I knew I should've)

Break from internet surfing. Picture-picture.

View from my window at night


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