Wonderla, Bangalore

No way I'm getting into any of these rides. I like to keep my feet on the ground.

Last Saturday, KC and I went to Wonderla. It’s an amusement park here in Bangalore which have both “dry” and “wet” rides. Kinda like Splash Island (with better slides) and Enchanted Kingdom (with scarier rides) in one. I hardly tried any of the rides ‘coz I was too scared but KC (being the more adventurous one) tried a lot of them. I just took videos of the rides so I could show everyone at home…

Seeing the people playing in the pool made me envious (it was a really hot day) but we didn’t bring extra clothes so we had to avoid them. It was surprising for me to see people completely clothed and playing in the pools. They don’t seem to have any concept of swimsuits here. I knew they were conservative but it still surprised me to see women in their sarees (complete with shawls) soaking wet beside the wet rides and some kids wearing their school uniforms in the pools.

I ended up watching KC’s stuffs while she lines up for the rides (I’m not complaining, I prefer to keep my feet on the ground) and KC ended up with a headache having tried so many rides, but we still had fun. I wish they’d bring Wonderla to the Philippines too. I’m sure it’ll be a big hit.


That was one WET ride...

Sky Wheel. Ferris wheel at the 13th (or 14th?) floor

Yup. They were REALLY upside down.

Just watching the rides was making me nauseous.

Ummm... Only one drinking glass per station?

Like I mentioned, they were swimming with ALL of their clothes on. (Photo by KC)

The Equinox

View from the Sky Wheel

Water slides!

More slides!

The black and white one at the right is called the Vertical Drop...


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