Wow… Even the Lemonade can be Spiced?!

I’m currently in Bangalore for a training and I’ll be staying here for four weeks.

When my boss told me about a potential trip to Bangalore for a month to be trained on a software product I’m currently supporting, I was very apprehensive. Mainly because I’m a very picky eater. I don’t like curry, spicy food, vegetables (I’m a carnivore) and almost anything with lots of spices which is what most (if not all) Indian food is like. I have a very limited palate. I’ve tried a few Indian dishes here and there and realized right away that it wasn’t for me. I don’t even eat a lot of Filipino cuisines myself and my mom and hubby complains a lot about how hard it is to feed me. So, good luck to me.

I’ve only been here a few days and finding something to eat has been really difficult for me because my stomach doesn’t go well with anything spicy. As a backup, I brought some crackers and cup noodles with me.

For our first lunch here, we got KFC. It’s really different from what I’m used to. For starters, they don’t have plain rice or the oh-so-yummy gravy. When KC (my teammate) ordered their chicken meal with rizo rice, they gave her what looked like a chili salsa. I got their chicken and fries meal thinking if I didn’t like the chicken I can atleast finish the fries. Before I ordered, I asked the girl in the register if the chicken was spicy. From the picture, the chicken looked like it was the Hot-&-Crispy-type that we have in Manila. The girl said no, so I went ahead and ordered. She lied. It was definitely the Hot-&-Crispy-type. Anyways, it wasn’t THAT spicy and I actually got to finish my food.

We then tried their McDonald’s for our dinner. And just like KFC, almost everything was different. Ofcourse, there were no burgers aside from the veggie type. No fried chicken with rice either. The safest order for me was their Chicken McNuggets with Fries, the BBQ sauce tasted a little different. KC got the McSpicy thingy. By the end of our first day, my stomach was filled with potatoes (I had potato wedges for breakfast too, which had lots of peppers).

Domino’s Pizza was yesterday’s lunch. We ordered Cheese & Pepperoni which was in the more expensive side. The tomato sauce of the pizza was a bit spicy. It felt like there was hot sauce in my slice.

Last night, we went to Pizza Hut for dinner. Since we had pizza for lunch, we decided to go with pasta instead. KC ordered their Spicy Tomato (I envy her for being able to eat spicy food) and I got the Creamy Mushroom which seemed to be the best order for me. When I saw my order, the whole plate literally had pepper all over it. I was scared to eat it but thankfully, it wasn’t spicy at all. Then again, I didn’t really mix my pasta too much so I wouldn’t get too much pepper. For our drinks, we ordered lemonade. They had two kinds, the regular one and the Masala Lemonade. Their lemonade is not really the lemonade I know. It was more like lemon sola. Sprite + Lime/Lemon. We asked what the Masala was and we were told that it was spices. Even lemonade has spices?! KC was more adventurous and decided to try it.

When it arrived, it looked like lemon sola with dirt. Haha. Not really sure how to describe it… KC said it tasted curry-ish. -_-

Masala Lemonade

Regular Lemonade

Creamy Mushroom... pepper everywhere...

KC's Spicy Tomato... I don't know how she does it. Spicy food + Spicy drink. -_-


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