Holy Cow! What’s that?!

We went to Holy Cow at MOA to have lunch before checking in at Hotel H2O for our anniversary celebration. We were supposed to order steak but changed our minds because we were originally planning on having steak at Cafe on the 6th for dinner so we ordered some pork instead.

Jay ordered Grilled Porkchop while I got the Lonestar-something which was also like grilled porkchops with two slices of meat instead of one.

Pumpkin Soup


Grilled Porkchop

I didn’t wanna eat too much rice so I placed half of it in an empty saucer. I don’t eat vegetables so I placed the side dish in the saucer too. We started eating. The pork was ok. A bit tough and dry at some parts. I shifted from my seat a little and gazed at the black thing at the side of the plate when I realized it was an insect! A toasted fly…

Hello there....

Why I didn’t notice it right away: (a) I thought it was from the hotplate, (b) I don’t wear my glasses when eating, (c) I was too engrossed with the food

I didn’t wanna make such a big deal out of it because I don’t think it got in my food anyways. Jay asked for the manager and we showed her the fly. She said she’ll replace the food right away. Come to think of it, I don’t remember her apologizing for what happened. She simply acknowledged the fly’s existence on my plate and offered to replace it. I wouldn’t be able to finish a whole new set of the meal so I told her to just replace the plate. As I mentioned, I don’t think it got in my food. Before leaving, the manager tried to rationalize what happened. She said that when the door opened, the fly must’ve entered the place and landed on my plate, then she left. She was basically saying that they didn’t serve the food like that which was so not true. First of all, the fly was toasted. It was obviously already there when they heated the hotplate. I even checked my camera for a photo of the food before I touched it to verify.

There it is!

The manager came back with my food and I took the chance to correct her. I told her that the fly was already there when it was served to me. I have pictures to prove it. She simply acknowledged what I said and then left. They replaced the plate (I think) and then added more rice and vegetables which I didn’t want so i had to put them on Jay’s plate (he’s already done eating by this time). Needless to say, I didn’t finish it. What a waste! I asked Jay to just get the bill so we can leave.

My other complaints: The toilet is busted, it was hard to get the waiters’ attention and the service was oh-so-slow. I don’t even know how long we waited for our change. We had to follow-up and wait some more to get it.

I give points to the manager for giving me one of those comments card where I could rate their food and services knowing the experience we just had. Obviously, they failed.


2 thoughts on “Holy Cow! What’s that?!

  1. sad naman yan sis. If only the manager apologized, then medyo na-redeem sana nila yung restaurant for giving excellent customer service. Anyway, I’ve only eaten once in Holy Cow Robinson’s Ermita branch and it was an okay experience for us naman. Which branch is this pala so that we could avoid it. Lol

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