10 Years and Counting!

Jay and I celebrated our 10th anniversary this weekend. Banzai! I’m not really sure what the rule is supposed to be when you get married on a different date but we decided on celebrating it anyways. Afterall, 10 years is 10 years.

You probably don’t care how we celebrated it but I’ll write aboout it anyways… 😛

It was a pretty simple weekend. Jay got a voucher at Ensogo for an overnight stay at Hotel H2O. Apparently, we were suppose to use it last July but there were renovations being done so he decided to use it for our anniversary instead.

The initial plan was to have lunch at MOA before checking in, rest at the hotel for a bit and then go to Cafe on the 6th at Ascott for dinner (we wanted to have some steak).

We went to MOA to get some late lunch at Holy Cow. Our experience here deserves a separate post so I’ll tell you about it some other time.

After lunch, we went to check in at the hotel. The carpark is a little far from the hotel so we had to walk a bit. At the small “building” (if you could call it that) where it says “Hotel H2O”, we were told to go to the 3rd floor to check in and we were given directions how to get there. There were still on-going construction here and there and lots of people were going to Ocean Park since it’s a weekend so I found the place a bit loud. It’s different inside the hotel, though. I love the interiors and the view at the Club Lounge is really nice. After checking in at the reception, we were shown to our room. The room was just right for two people. A wall of aquarium greeted us when we entered. The bathroom was clean and stylish. Complete amenities including a digital weighing scale. There was a service tray with snacks and refreshments. A 37″ (I think) LCD TV is mounted on the wall right in front of the bed which was oh-so-comfortable.

Aqua Room


Shower room


No bathroom privacy here. Hehe.

Service Tray: Tea, Coffee, Softdrinks (already in the fridge), Water, Lay's and Nuts

Forgot the tripod. 😦

The voucher is inclusive of either a Hot Bed treatment for 2 at their spa or 2 tickets to the Musical Fountain show. Since I’m a spa junkie, we went for the former. We also decided to skip the steak and just have dinner near the hotel since we were too lazy.

After roaming the 2nd floor a bit, we went to the Zenyu Eco spa to try the Hot Bed treatment. The lady at the lobby told us about the spa and negative ions and showed us how it works which was pretty cool. They’re also one of the few spas I know of that offers AgeLoc treatment using the Galvanic Spa. Yay for Nuskin! (even though we haven’t been active business partners in a while we still use the products).

We were taken to the lockers and were given some robes to change to. Then, I was shown to a room with four “hot beds” for people to lie on. Jay was already lying on one when I got there. The room was pretty much like a sauna but the walls, bricks and even paint have special properties that produces negative ions that are good for the body. The attendant brought us some water so we don’t get dehydrated. We stayed there for 30 minutes, sweating like pigs. Hehe. It felt good. I’d like to repeat it again. Jay and I are planning on availing their promo package this coming Friday before I leave Manila (*cry* *cry*).

A refreshing shower followed then we went out for dinner at Makan Makan. It’s a restaurant beside the hotel located at the 2nd floor of the Ocean Park. They offer different Asian cuisines to choose from. Jay & I ordered Bird’s Nest Soup, Hakaw, Cereal Prawns and Pork Sinigang. When we gave the waiter our orders, he warned us that the Bird’s Nest Soup we ordered is a really huge bowl. We told him it’s ok (Jay & I love soup and the menu said it’s for 2-3 persons so we thought we could finish it just fine). While waiting for our orders, Jay and I had second thoughts about the sinigang thinking we probably ordered too much.

The service was really fast. The waiter was able to bring the soup right away and when he said it was a huge bowl, he really meant it. It’s probably good for up to 5 people. The bowl is bigger than the one they used for the sinigang. Needless to say, we didn’t get to finish it. The rest of the food started arriving even before I finished my soup. Everything was delicious and very affordable too. We had lots of leftover because I think we ordered for 4 but we really enjoyed our dining experience. The waiter was really nice and very courteous. We’ll definitely come back here and maybe bring our families.

Dinner time!

Our big bowl of Bird's Nest Soup


Cereal Prawns

Pork Sinigang

We were planning on availing the cocktail promo at the hotel’s lounge but we were so full that we changed our minds. When we got back to our room, we used the weighing scale and found out that we both gained 1 kilo after dinner (we checked our weight before leaving the room). Yikes!

We slept like a log after watching HunterXHunter on Hero TV. I would definitely like to repeat this experience. (^^,)


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