Sudden Shoe Addiction

I’ve never really been into shoes. I usually have one pair of shoes or sandals that I wear everyday. I do love boots a lot and that’s usually the ONLY type of footwear that I would be fine spending more than 500 bucks on. Yeah, that’s how “kuripot” I am when it comes to spending on shoes. For some reason though, I started buying shoes after shoes after shoes since last year.

Lately, whenever I’m online, all I do (besides play FB games) is browse online shops. When did I become such an addict?! How the heck did this start? I honesly have no idea.

Anyways, here are some of the shoes that I bought for the past month or so. This is after I told myself not to buy new shoes this year unless absolutely necessary. To think I’m hoping to get to buy another one this weekend… Nuninuninu…

From Charles & Keith. I wouldn't normally go for this kind of shoes but it was for our postnup shoot.

Snake-skin style. The highest heels I have. I actually got a tape measure to check how high these are. A little over 4.5 inches. Yikes! I got it for our shoot but I really have no idea where else I can wear them. I'm not used to wearing heels.

When worn...

Got this from a facebook shop called 'Korean Shoesale (Ulzzang Shoesale)'. I really like the style. And their shoes are quite affordable.

And yeah, I know it also has heels but I just couldn't resist. I should start practicing wearing heels soon. Otherwise, this might end up collecting dust in my closet like the others.

I needed to replace one of my flats and saw this. Got this at the facebook shop as well. I really like lace-ups.


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