Sample Layouts of our First Photobook

Just wanna share sample layouts I used for our first photobook. This is just to help the others get ideas. Hopefully I can do better on my next projects.

The Photobook Designer is pretty easy to use. There are already a bunch of templates, frames, graphics and backgrounds that are ready-made. All you need to do is drag-and-drop them on the pages and photos. I’m not a very artistic person but it was easy to experiment with how the pages would look because of the software.

For the photos below, I’m using the proofs that were generated by the software. Hence, the word “Proof” plastered all over the pages. Please just ignore them, they weren’t included in the actual prints. 😛

I checked the sample photobooks in the website to get an idea as to what I could possibly do with the designs.

I used the lyrics of my bridal march song, “When God Made You” as part of our design. I didn’t wanna see pictures only. I wanted to see words too. It feels more personal that way… I don’t know why…

The photos I used are from our prenup shoots with Rene Gaviola, Imagine Nation (Shayla and Dennis), Little Red Moments and Zandro of Smart Shot Studio.

Photobook style is Medium Landscape Imagewrap (40 pages).

Note: The numbers in () are the page numbers. I won’t be including each page though.

I like combining pictures with the same/similar elements in one page or spread.

(002-003) Here, the composition of the photos are very similar. I positioned them at the opposite sides of the spread. I don’t know why but it just seemed right to do that. I used the vignette effect (changed color to white) for the photoboxes to soften the edges. I really like the vignette effect. I think I used it for most of the pages.

Sometimes, I’d use the ready-made templates in the software then adjust it as I think fit.

(004) A series of similar pictures. I have a few similar pages. I just used one of the page templates already available in the software. No effects on the picture box. It helped that the photos were actually sized like that (square instead of the usual rectangular) so it looks like a perfect fit.

(005) One of the pictures I really like. I love the colors. I just fitted the picture to the whole page then entered parts of the lyrics at the sky for better effect.

(006) I like using another picture as the background similar to this one. To lighten it up a bit, I lessened the transparency. That way, it won’t clash with the picture that I’ve put in and the text can still be seen. I made sure that the main element of the background picture is visible (us, holding hands). For the picture at the front, I used the mask Frame_04. I used this mask a couple of times.

(007) Main element in this page is us holding hands. Background I used is BG_44. The grass graphic at the lower left is SB_05. I just thought it went well with the background. Both photos have the vignette effect. For the left photo, I used mask_20.

(008) Similar to 004. I just put a little graphic at the upper left to add a little extra something to it. The photo boxes are rectangular in this one.

(010-011) I fitted the photo in the spread then cropped it a bit so that Jay & I will be positioned on the right page. Otherwise, we would’ve been in the middle of the spread and I didn’t want that. The photo already had an IR effect, I just lessened the transparency so that the text would pop on the page more. I also used a mask that served as a frame for both photos. I just can’t remember which one it was. 😛

(012) I used the same mask from 006 . I like its effect on the photo. It’s like an old film.

(013) Black background with white font. I like this picture but I was hesitant to use it because the dress I was wearing was an empire cut and from this angle and the way we were standing, Jay and I both looked preggers!xD Good thing we found this mask (Frame_07). It covered the bottom part really well so I didn’t have to crop it and the effect on the page is very nice too.

(016) A simple template with just a white background. I just put a shadow in the photoboxes so it wouldn’t be too plain. I used this style a few times, sometimes adding a graphic or two to spice the page up a bit.

(017) Another picture in the background. Simple white frame on the main photos. I like the crampled effect of Grunch_08.

(021) I like the background. It’s like an old piece of parchment (BG_34). For the photos, we used the Grunge_06. I’m not liking this page very much. I’m not sure how we could have made it better though. Any suggestions? Maybe it’s the photos I used?

(022) This is a ready-made template. Just added masks on the photo boxes. I really like that film effect. Similar photos at the bottom as usual.

(026-027) Similar to 002-003 but instead of positioning the photos at the edges, they’re at the middle of the spread.

(028) The background looks like it’s a painting. I think the mask we used for the photos suited it well because the edges look like brush strokes or something.

(032) I thought that the background goes well with the photo and the mask. It blended well together, like an “enchanted forest” themed page. Background is BG04A01D017.

(034) The photo was fitted to the whole page. Our photographer was using a soft lens (not really sure if that’s what it’s really called) so the background looks a bit blurry/smudged. The mask I used is Frame_08 which seems to suit this photo quite well.

(035) I just made two photoboxes of equal size to cover the whole page. No gaps. I chose the photos because of the IR effect so the whole spread (034-035) is in black and white. Used mask_11 with black background.

(036-037) I saw a page in one of the samples in their website wherein the photos look like polaroid pictures spread across the page. I really liked it so I used it as an inspiration. They have a graphic that looks like a tornout notebook page so I used it instead of a plain white square. I just put the notepad graphic in and then positioned the photo on top of it. Next thing I know, I have a bunch of it across the spread in different sizes, angles and positions. (^^,)

(038-039) Notice something similar? We’re both leaning on a tree. Hehe. I lessened the transparency of the photos a bit to make sure that the text would pop on the page. I used white font on the left page and black on the right.

You probably can’t read it but the text I used here came from a poem I got from a fanfiction written by my favorite fanfiction writer, November Romeo. I wanted to pattern my wedding vow to this poem but our pastor didn’t want us to read our vows and I didn’t have enough time to sit down, compose and memorize my vows (don’t ask why) so I ended up with anything that I can come up with on the spot. Anyways, to compensate for that, I decided to use November Romeo’s poem in this page. I’m blabbing, I should shut up now…

(040) Last page. Just a simple photo and another poem. No effects whatsoever on this page.

Left side is the back (our wedding monogram) – Right side is the front. Soft lens was used for the photo, no additional effects using the software.

Now we just need to find some inspiration so we can start working on the second photobook for our other engagement shoots. And then we’re planning on using the third photobook for the other wedding pictures that didn’t make it to the main album. I’m also thinking of getting another one for our backup photographer’s shots of our wedding. Can’t wait to get started on the next ones.

Click here for more layouts from our second photobook.


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