Ring, Ring, Ring from Forever 21

Got these really cute rings from Forever 21. I love connector rings. Unfortunately, it’s not a very common accessory so it’s rare to find some really nice ones. Anyways, I managed to find two connector rings from F21 they’re pretty similar though and I’ve seen the ‘I heart U’ ring style from a friend before but it didn’t stop me from buying it anyways. I’m still hoping for them to bring back the black cross connector rings. I didn’t get to buy one. 😦

Disclaimer: Sorry for the bad photos. I should save some money for a new lens or something… 

Thick, silver ring from Megamall

I ❤ U connector ring. It's actually a bit too big for my finger. Got this at the Makati branch.

Similar connector ring. Got this one at Megamall.


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