Fruits Basket Episode 1 – Fave anime lines

I actually typed these while watching it. I had to pause and rewind, and pause and rewind, again and again… But it was worth it. These are my favorite lines/scenes from the anime…

I know reading is different from actually watching it and hearing the lines but I thought of documenting it anyways… Even though this maybe a wasted effort on my part… But whatever… I’ll do this ’til I get tired of it…

Episode 1

Tohru: Look at that beautiful sky!!! See you later, mom! Take care of the house while I’m gone, ‘kay? I’ll be back! (I like the way these lines were delivered. It was a great start for a wonderful anime)

After Yuki hit him with his bag when he caught him hitting on Tohru…
Shigure: Ow, what do you have in that bag? A dictionary?
Yuki: No, I have two of them.

Shigure: Let’s start again. I’m Shigure, his older and much less violent cousin.

Fan1: Okay, start talking! What was that all about, Miss Tohru?
Fan2: Why were you walking to school with Prince Yuki? Details! And they better be good…
Tohru: It… It was just a coincidence…
Fan3: Well, for your sake, I hope that’s all it was!
Fan1: Every girl in Kawaia High Class 1-D knows that Yuki Sohma is the best looking boy in school!
Fan2: And he’s intelligent!
Fan3: And great at sports…
Fan1: And for your info, we, are the Prince Yuki Fan Club! We got first dibs, sister! So you better stay clear!

Shigure: Whew. If we keep eating out like this all the time, I’m gonna have to buy a bigger robe.
Yuki: Well then, why don’t YOU do the cooking.
Shigure: Why? Everytime I make dinner, YOU complain.
Yuk: Pickled radish and curry is not dinner. It’s disgusting.

Tohru: Don’t worry about me. I’m already used to all the bugs and if I can stand up to THEM I can stand up to— (Tohru suddenly feels weak, almost fainting)
Yuki: Miss Tohru! (touches her forehead) A fever…
Shi: Ice! I’ll get ice! It’s uh- It’s… (opens the door to the garbage-filled kitchen)
Tohru: Huh… And you call the woods unsafe???

Tohru lying in bed sick and feeling weak.
Tohru: I… I lost my home again
Shigure: Are you okay?
Tohru: Yes… It’s sad… but, not as sad as other things…
Shigure: Like what?
Tohru: Like, not telling your mom “Be safe” on the day she died. I said that every morning… “Bye, be safe.” Except that day. I didn’t say it… I had a test so I stayed up studying almost the whole night. When it was time for mom to go to work, I didn’t wake up. I couldn’t tell her “Be safe”. And she never came home…

Tohru: I used to think about quitting school. Working… Mom told me she didn’t finish school but she always wished she did.
<Flashback of Kyoko, Tohru’s mom>:  That’s why I need you to stick with it. So you can tell me what it feels like to hold that diploma in your hand. And then maybe, you can have the life I never got to have…
Tohru: When she said that, that’s when I knew why she worked so hard… it was all for me… And with everything she did, I couldn’t even get up long enough when she was walking out the door. Not even that one little thing. And then she was gone… So now, I have to finish highschool like mom wanted me to no matter what. I have to hold that diploma in my hand… I have to… For her… I can’t give up… just because… of a fever…. like this… (Tohru falls asleep)
Yuki: It’s amazing. She always seemed so cheerful in school. You’d never guess she’s been suffering like this for so long… When I was young, there were many times when I wanted to run away from Sohma house. But I never did. I could always find some rationalization to stay… The fact of the matter is, I just wasn’t strong enough, or I could’ve left. I could’ve lived in the woods by myself in a tent… I could’ve done what she did… Sigh…
Shigure: You can call it amazing. But I don’t think the word does her justice.
Yuki: No… No, it doesn’t.

Yuki: I know the place is dirty…
Tohru: What?
Yuki: And I realize that the idea of living with two strange boys might seem a little awkward…But there is an extra room upstairs, you’re welcome to stay there if you’d like.
Tohru: No, no, no… Out of the question!!!
Yuki: We’re not THAT strange… (this was so funny)
Tohru: No, I didn’t mean it like that…
Shigure: Of course, it won’t be free… I do intend to pay you for your services…
Tohru: For my… services?
Shigure in a sing-songy voice: As our brand new housekeeper!!! (switched to normal voice) We’ll just take your things to your room now… I assume that your references are all checked out?

Kyo: Yo. Time to pay the piper, rat-boy. I’m here to collect.
Yuki: Funny, I would’ve thought he’d send somebody bigger.
Kyo: That’s right. You better get your tough talk out of the way while you can, ’cause I’m about to wipe that stupid little smirk right off your face!
Tohru: Wait, stop, don’t fight!!!
(Tohru slips on a piece of wood and ends up hugging Kyo’s back. Poof!)
Shigure: Yuki, what were all the crashing sounds I just heard? Kyo’s not here, is he?
Tohru: I’m so sorry! Are you all right? I- (notices that she’s holding a cat instead of the Kyo she just hugged) Ah!!! I turned him to a cat. I’m so sorry. I don’t know how it happened!
Shigure: Hold on! uhhh…. Excuse me…
Tohru: But we’re going to help you, okay? Hurry! We need to get him to a doctor, right away! (A piece of wood falls off from the roof that Kyo just crashed and lands on Tohru’s head. Getting dizzy, she ends up hugging Shigure and Kyo who were standing beside each other. Poof! Shigure turns into a dog. Yuki turns into a rat).
~~ End of episode. What a great way to end the first episode. Hehe.

Tohru as she leaves her tent to go to school

The Zodiac animals on their way to the banquet... Poor cat was left out.

Toinks! Ouch!

Tohru getting harassed by the Prince Yuki Fan Club

Uo to the rescue!

And there's Hana too... Nice to have two bestfriends like them.

"Ice! I'll get ice!" The mountain of garbage in their kitchen...

Shigure looks after Tohru when she got sick.

Shigure: We'll just take your things to your room now... I assume that your references are all checked out?

Tohru accidentally hugs Kyo

Kyo turns into a cat. Who wouldn't be shocked?

Shigure and Yuki transforms too... What to do next???


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