Our first photobook

I read about this particular photobook supplier from w@w when someone posted that there was a 60% discount. I checked out the site and instantly loved it. What I really like is that you can completely customize the photobook however you want. You can do the layout yourself using their free software that you can download from their site. I tried it out and found it very easy to use. I thought about the engagement shoots we had for our wedding and thought of making an album for the pictures. Hence, we bought three of the photobook that was “on sale”. The Landscape 11×8.5 Imagewrap style. From the usual price of 4,000php, we got it for 1,600php only. Not bad, right?

So I got Jay to order the discounted photobooks online (they don’t have a store here inManila) and we got the vouchers (or codes) for the photobooks. The expiration of the voucher was for 2014 so we still got a lot of time to think about the layout and sort through thousands of pictures that we wanted to include. On the first day of this year, inspiration somehow struck me and I started playing around with the Photobook software and came up with the layout for our first photobooks. I only got to use the pictures from our shoots with Rene Gaviola, Imagine Nation, Little Red Moments and Zandro of Smart Shot though… Jay did the proof-reading and he helped me decide on some things (like background, mask, frames, etc.) I used my bridal march as an inspiration, “When God Made You”.

Once done, we uploaded the file to their site and continued with our order by using one of the voucher codes we got. You can check the status of your order in their site. It took less than a week for them to print, bind and ship the photobook to us and I gotta say that we are very happy with the finished product…

I’m thinking of making another post with the sample layouts we used… Maybe when I get the time. (^^,)

Disclaimer: Sorry for the bad photos. Not that good of a photographer and I’m too lazy to try to take better ones. 😛

For samples of our photobook layouts, click here.


Our wedding monogram at the back


5 thoughts on “Our first photobook

  1. ang ganda sis! is this from Photobook Philippines? or the other photobook supplier recently posted by one of our sisses? I want one too kaso ang tamad ko magdownload ng software at gumawa ng lay-out on my own

    • Yup. Photobook Philippines, sis. Nung una I thought medyo nakakatamad din pero pag naumpisahan na, ang hirap na tigilan. Hehe. Easy to use naman yung software and nakakatuwa gamitin. You should try it. I recommend to wait for the promos para mas sulit. 😉

    • Sorry but I can’t remember the exact type of paper anymore. I can’t even remember what the choices are. I do remember that there was a free upgrade to this paper at the time (silk-something-or-other). And knowing me I would get the thickest one.

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