Shoes Born From Stress

Last month, I had a super stressful week at work. It involved leaving the office past 9:30PM and having to deal with mind-boggling issues the whole week. So, the Monday after that hellish week, I bought myself a new pair of shoes. I believe I deserve this. (^^,)

Pill from The Ramp @ Glorietta


2 thoughts on “Shoes Born From Stress

  1. Those are sexy shoes! kind of look like oxfords pero with heels. What do you call this kind of shoes ba? I also shop shoes from The Ramp Shang branch. super wide ng selection kasi kaya ang sarap magshoe-shopping dun

    • Thanks, sis! Not sure what they’re called din pero I’m digging oxfords lately. Di nga dapat yan yung bibilin ko. I was eyeing two pairs for weeks pero when I decided to buy na (as a gift to myself), wala daw size. So I ended up with this. Hehe. Not bad pa rin naman.

      I like din ang shoes sa The Ramp. Haven’t visited their Shang branch yet. I’ll check it out pag napadaan ako. 🙂

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