Seven Corners @ Crowne Plaza

Seven Corners is one of my fave buffet places. This is where I would sometimes bring my family to celebrate something. BUT only because I had a membership, which entitled me to big discounts. Unfortunately, that card has expired and we decided not to renew it this year so for our last dinner at Seven Corners (’til we get a card again), I took pictures to my heart’s content. Some of the staffs were looking strangely at me. I didn’t really like the attention but to hell with it. I don’t care. Hehe.

Here are some of the highlights of Seven Corners…

They have a station where you could make your own pizza or taco. Near it is an array of bread and cheeses.

I wanted to try the chocolate pizza I read about online but the chef on shift didn't know how to do it so I had to settle for Four Cheese instead

Cheese!!! This reminds me of the VIP tables on our wedding.

Ingredients for the taco

Pasta station. They have a variety of pasta and ingredients. Your choice of sauce too. A chef would cook it on the spot for you.

Ingredients for the pasta

Similar to the pasta station, they also have the noodle station.

Noodley Noodles

I never visit Seven Corners without eating a steak. Yummy!

Slab of meat for the steak

The seafood station. A variety of seafood placed in ice to keep its freshness. It’s already cooked and can be eaten cold. But you can also ask for it to be grilled.

Seafood galore! Crabs, Lobsters, Shrimp and I think there are oysters

Japanese station. They also have tempura somewhere…

They have a salad section too. I don’t like salads though so I’ve never tried this.

Lots of Indian food to choose from. I’m not into spicy food at all so I rarely try anything here.

Dessert Station. An array of fruits, pastries and ice cream. My fave part.

Toppings for the ice cream. You can ask the ice cream attendant to make you ice cream teppanyaki. They basically just mix the ingredients you chose completely with the ice cream.

Fruity Fruit Fruit!


2 thoughts on “Seven Corners @ Crowne Plaza

  1. May i know how much ang card that you availed? what are the freebies and discounts? I want to try seven corners too. I only got to try Spiral, Heat and Circles. Seven Corners looks delish din 🙂

    • 6,500 yung card. When you avail it may free na lunch/dinner buffet na agad for two. Daming vouchers na kasama. Discounts for the hotels (Intercontinental, Holiday Inn and Crowne Plaza) and their restaurants. Free use of pool sa Intercon. May vouchers for 50%off for 2 sa restaurants (which is what hubby and I usually use) and cash vouchers. Free cake sa 7Corners. Yun lang naaalala ko. Hehe. If you’re interested, you can leave me your number and I can have my contact give you a call. Hopefully next year ma-renew din namin yung card namin. Nakaka-miss kasi.

      I haven’t tried ang Spiral, Heat and Circles though gusto ko rin sana. Better ba if I get a card din sa Shang? Hmmmm….

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