Random Kwento 3

Jay and I witnessed a cute moment last night.

I don’t really know how it started. We were seated outside Cha-Time at MOA while waiting for our drink when I noticed a little boy (around 2 years old) holding a small toy. I heard his mom say something about sharing the toy with someone. I looked around and noticed a woman carrying a younger kid (probably a little over a year old) to my left. I assumed that they were out together. A little bit later, the older kid walked in front of the woman and was handing his toy to the younger kid. The woman carrying the younger kid shook her head no while smiling, looking a bit shy. By her gestures, it looks like they didn’t know each other after all. After a bit of prompting, the younger kid reached for the toy and took it. The woman holding him (I’m assuming she’s his mom) said, “Say thank you.” I don’t know if the younger kid can’t really speak just yet but instead of simply saying thank you, he gave him a very big smile. You know that smile when you know that a kid is genuinely happy and grateful? Yeah, THAT smile. Jay and I couldn’t help smiling too. The older kid’s dad told his son, “Look o, he’s smiling. You give him a smile too”. I didn’t see it but I think he gave him a smile just as big. 🙂


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