Themed Cupcakes Anyone?

Last December, our team got cupcakes from an officemate for Christmas. It was the cutest cupcakes ever! We got ones designed after Plants vs Zombies! At first, all we could do was stare at it in awe. Then eventually, we couldn’t resist so we started eating. All I can say is “Yummy!” We wanted more!

Since I just came from wedding planning and cupcakes for souvenir has been a trend, I had a pretty good idea regarding the price range of cupcakes. When I saw how nice the designs were, I was thinking it was definitely expensive. Probably worth more than 70php per cupcake. BUT as it turns out, it was WAY cheaper than my assumption.

These cupcakes were made by Pamela Herrera:

We loved the cupcakes so much we ordered a dozen or so for ourselves. We even requested for different themes. I’ve only tried the chocolate flavor but I believe she can make the cake in carrot and mocha flavors too. The design is made of fondant icing. Every time we order, the designs get better and better.

Below are some of the designs she made for us.

Muppets + Plants vs Zombies.

Angry Birds + Mario

Star + 1Up + Mario's enemy (when I was a kid, we call this one "pulis")

Mushroom + Mario + Luigi (Look at the details. I love how she made the eyes) My mom loved these so much, she didn't wanna eat Mario's face. Hehe.

Computer Icons (for geeks like me)

Plants vs Zombies (I love the detail of the corn)

She makes cakes too!

My teammate had a PvZ themed birthday party for her son. She got him a cake and a bunch of cupcakes. The Sunflower is now standing up. And there's a Pea Shooter too!

I have another teammate whose daughter had a Sanrio theme or something (but I don’t have pictures). There were Hello Kitty cupcakes. So cute! And the cake she made for this one was not just plain chocolate but with marshmallow too.


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