Lunch at Lemuria

Lemuria has become one of my favorite restaurants since the first time we went there. It’s cozy and has a great ambiance. It has that romantic vibe to it too. When I saw another promo at Deal Grocer for a 3-course lunch at Lemuria, we didn’t hesitate to get some right away.

Deal Grocer menu

Like last time, they served us bread again. I didn’t like everything this time though. There were a few slices that were too dry, like it was more than a day old.

Bread for starters

I liked the soup this time. It’s not my favorite soup (Shakey’s Chicken & Corn Soup is the best for me) but it was better than the Prawn Bisque we had before. The flavors weren’t as strong and I’ve always liked Pumpkin soup.

Nutmeg Pumpkin Soup with cinnamon and creme triache

Sparkling wine

We had a choice between the pork and fish. We got one of each so we can taste both. The fish was cooked perfectly. I liked it a lot but there was a part of the fish that had a bit too much pepper for me (I really don’t like pepper). I loved the pork. It was deliciously good. Hehe. The sauce blended well with the pork and I loved the potato. It had a hint of sweetness to it. The cracklings weren’t that crunchy though.

Slow Braised Porkloin with sweet potato mash, crispy pork cracklings and mushroom sauce

Confit of Cream Dory fillet with olive tapenade, potato and spring vegetables

Confit of Cream Dory fillet

This was one SWEET dessert. The white stuff was like meringue (or maybe it is) so you can imagine how sweet it was. The mango and the cream/sauce lightened the sweetness of it though but not too much.

Mango Pavlova

Deal Grocer, more Lemuria promos please! 😀


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