Fruits Basket

One of my favorite anime/manga of all time: Fruits Basket (Furuba for short). Actually, Fruits Basket is the very first manga I’ve read online. That’s how I discovered the wonderful world of mangafox and onemanga (now deceased). It was also how I discovered fanfiction. So, yay to Fruits Basket!

From the first episode of the anime, I got hooked. If I had the time, I could probably finish the whole series in just one sitting. Fruits Basket is the story of Tohru Honda and the Sohma Family and their curse. What curse? Well, whenever certain members of the Sohma family gets hugged by the opposite sex or if their body is under great deal of stress, they transform into an animal of the Chinese Zodiac (plus the cat). Weird, huh? Tohru stumbles upon their secret one day and due to certain reasons, she ended up living with three of the members of the Zodiac: Shigure, Yuki and Kyo. If you’ll search the net, I’m sure you’ll find more information about the story. Just check Wikipedia if you’re curious. One of the things that I love about Fruits Basket (besides the unique and endearing characters) is the humor. There were so many scenes that just cracked me up all throughout.

The copy I got was English Dubbed. I usually don’t like English-dubbed animes but Fruits Basket is different. The voices matched almost every character. The script was also great, they didn’t change a lot from the original Japanese. Most of the time, some of the humor gets lost in translation. Well, not Furuba. Plus, the voice actors executed it perfectly. They did a really good job with the voice acting. I actually prefer watching the English dub compared to the Original Japanese. Saying that I love Fruits Basket is an understatement. I don’t even know how many times I’ve watched it but I’m pretty sure it has been more than 10. I’ve even memorized some of their lines.

The anime was very light to watch while the manga has a certain darkness to it (not sure how to explain it) but still filled with lots of humor. Though the anime tried to stay true to the characters and storyline of the manga, they still made a few changes particularly in the last episode. Certain scenes have been combined or left out throughout the anime and some were completely changed (mainly Akito’s character). The anime was 26 episodes long which covered only until volume 7 or 8 of the manga (manga was until volume 23). There were so many unanswered questions in the anime. Who would Tohru end up with? Who are the horse and the rooster? What IS the curse? Were they able to break it? Can it be broken in the first place? It was quite obvious that there won’t be a second season of the anime so I had no choice but to turn to Google. And with that, I found the manga online. Woohoo! Thank you, Google! It was like discovering a whole new world. I had no idea that so many great mangas existed. Hehe.

I started reading. I had to start from the first chapter to make sure that I didn’t miss a thing and the manga wasn’t finished yet when I started so there were a LOT of waiting. You see, a chapter is added only once a month and after it has been released in Japan, we (non-Japanese speaking/reading people) have to wait longer for certain online groups to scan the chapter, translate and post the translated version online. It’s a lot of work. I can’t even thank these groups enough.

After years (yes, years) of following the manga, all the questions have been answered and the manga has come to an end. Sigh… It was bittersweet. Whenever a series I’ve been following ends, I feel a kind of emptiness.

I’m not sure how to end this post. I don’t even know why the heck I’m babbling like an idiot about Fruits Basket. But yeah… If you’re looking for a good anime to watch or a manga to read, check out Fruits Basket. It has almost everything. Cute, interesting and relatable characters plus comedy, love story, mystery, drama and even some action. You might like it too. I’m sure you’ll fall in love with the characters as much as I did. I got so addicted I even completed all the manga volumes. It took a while for me to get everything but it was all worth it. Now, I can re-read the story anytime I want.

Let me just share some pictures I found online. (^^,)


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