Jay’s Birthday Dinner: Cafe on the 6th

For his birthday, I took Jay to Cafe on the 6th. It’s a cafe/restaurant located at Ascott. I read about it in the internet and got curious. Since it was near my office, I decided to take Jay there for a dinner date.

Cafe on the 6th isn’t exactly the most romantic place for a dinner date but it helped that there weren’t a lot of people around so there was some privacy. Nobody was there to greet us right away. We had to head to the bar where the waiters/waitresses were for them to realize that we were there as a customer. They let us select a table which wasn’t very hard to do considering that there were only two or three tables that were occupied. They have small dining tables for the kids which was really cute.

Considering the fact that it’s located at Ascott, the food was actually affordable. I wanted to try the cheese board but I had to pass the opportunity because there were only two of us. Maybe next time. I also read that the adobo and caldereta are really good but I didn’t wanna eat rice so I had to pass. Will definitely have to go back to try this. We settled for pasta and Angus Rib-eye steak. I got the lasagna while Jay got the Mac & Cheese thingy (can’t even remember the name). The lasagna was ok though not the best I had. I didn’t even get to finish it (mostly because I was saving space for the steak). Jay and I split the steak between us. And we still had a hard time finishing it. Hehe. I loved the steak. For just a little over 1000php, you can get a sumptuous 12oz. Angus Rib-eye steak. Yum! It was the best part of our meal.

Warm bread and butter


Mac and cheese something (jambalaya or habanero, not sure which)

12 oz Angus Rib-eye Steak


2 thoughts on “Jay’s Birthday Dinner: Cafe on the 6th

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