Postnup shoot: Success!

Last June 6, Jay and I finally had our postnup pictorial. Yup. 
You read right. After 7 prenup pictorials, we had a postnup 
pictorial. I promise this is the last one (that's wedding-
related). Hehe.

Why have a postnup shoot? Well, after getting the pictures 
from Smart Shot, we just felt like there was something missing. 
I wanted more creative shots. Also, because of the time-
constraints and the van driver's stupidity, we didn't have a 
lot of pictures after the wedding ceremony. Jay agreed with 
me so we started planning it.

One thing we were sure of is that we wanted Rene Gaviola (who 
shot our first prenup and was our backup photographer) to 
be our photographer again. So I sent him an email asking him 
about it and he agreed to shoot our postnup. Yay!

Since this will be our only postnup shoot, I wanted the best. 
And to make sure that everything will turn out fine, we 
decided to get the services of Lifestyle by Feliz (now Chest
Knots Studio). We got their Knot-So-Ordinary, Shop Knot and 
Lips, Locks & Knots packages.

Knot-so-Ordinary - Conceptualization, wardrobe sketches, 
                   location suggestions, make up retouch, 
                   on the day styling and full first assist.
Shop Knot - Personal Shopper for 2 Hours or Designer Pull Outs
Lips, Locks & Knots - Hair and makeup services.

I enjoyed shopping with Feliz and Paula. We met them at SM 
Megamall Department Store where they already had a couple of 
stuffs ready for me (I got to shop first) to try on based on 
the moodboards that we liked. I liked how the stuffs they 
chose are things that I wouldn't even look at let alone try 
on but when I tried out those outfits and they started working
their magic, I wanted to buy almost everything they made me 
wear. Hehe. Too bad I only needed one set of outfit and we had 
a budget. Jay ended up looking so dressed up. I've never seen 
him look so trendy. I fell in love again. Hihi. I also 
appreciated that they tried to stick with our budget. Instead
of purchasing everything we needed they told us they can
provide some of the stuffs (mostly accessories).

The concept. I wanted skylanterns. This was one of the things 
that I really wanted for my wedding. Unfortunately, our venue 
doesn't allow it so I had to let that dream go. Since we're 
going to "re-live" our wedding through our postnup shoot, I 
thought of releasing skylanterns during the shoot. Then I saw 
the movie Tangled. Sigh... That scene at the lake was really 
beautiful. I couldn't help smiling while watching it. So, when 
Tiffany asked us to choose among the 5 concepts she sent us, we 
went with the concepts that involve skylanterns and fireworks.

I got a bit stressed out with finding a location but thank God 
one of Tiffany's suggestions panned out. We needed a place 
where they allow skylanterns to be released and not a lot of 
venues allow it. Casa Ibiza was the only place we were able to 
contact that allowed it. It's a resort in Antipolo, Rizal that 
has a Mexican vibe to it. The payment for the prenup was 
5,000php. This includes a room that we can use to prepare.

The initial schedule of our shoot was May 9 (Monday). However, 
because of the sudden arrival of a typhoon we had to postpone 
it that morning. We informed Feliz and Rene that we should 
cancel the shoot for the day and reschedule it. We then 
informed Casa Ibiza of the change of plans and cancelled our 
vacation leaves.:(

We scheduled it for another Monday which was June 6. It 
started raining a few days before the scheduled date which 
got me worried but God heard our prayers and gave us good 
weather that day. Just two days after, it was raining cats 
and dogs.

On the day of the shoot, we picked up Paula and Feliz at their 
office where they started on my hair and makeup. We kinda got 
lost on the way to Casa Ibiza so we arrived a bit late. Rene 
got to the place ahead of us so he started scouting the place. 

When we finally got there, Rene showed us to our room ('coz he 
already got the key). It was actually very nice. It's cozy and 
has two floors. The lower floor has a small sofa with a TV, 
small dining area and a kitchen. Upstairs are three bedrooms. 
Two rooms have single beds while the master bedroom has a 
queen-sized bed. There are two bathrooms too. One outside of 
the two single rooms and another one inside the master 
bedroom. Each room has its own aircon unit. Casa Ibiza is 
mexican-inspired. The buildings are colorful that looks nice 
in pictures. I brought my camera but like all our other 
shoots, I didn't get to use it. I even forgot to ask 
for a group picture. :(

We went straight to the master bedroom and started preparing. 
Feliz continued working on my makeup while Paula worked on my 
hair. While waiting, Rene actually found meaning to the date 
of our shoot. June 6. It was the first day of the second half 
of the first year of our marriage. Nice one, Rene! We all 
agreed that this was probably the reason why the typhoon made 
us cancel our shoot back in May. Serendipity?

When they were done preparing Jay, Feliz gave him pointers on 
how to pose and what to do. A quick modeling lesson. Then Rene
whisked him away for his solo shots while Feliz was doing 
final touches on me. She gave me some posing tips too. I'm not 
very good at it, though. She looked so natural in posing. 

After we were done with our first outfit, we changed to our 
wedding attire. Yay! I got to wear my wedding gown again. I 
forgot how heavy it was. But I was glad that it still fit me. 
They put my fake hair on which should have been part of the 
first attire (for our Tangled theme) but we used it with my 
wedding gown instead. I think it went well with it. Rapunzel 
on her wedding day? Hehe... The fake hair was a really long 
rope that Paula or Feliz spray painted black. It was a 
struggle attaching it on my head but Paula was gentle enough 
and was able to do it without causing me any head injuries. 
We only got to use it for a short time but I think it served 
its purpose well. Rene showed me some of the shots and it 
looked like real hair.

Feliz also brought her red cape that made me look like Red 
Ridinghood. She had no idea that I wanted to do a Red 
Ridinghood theme for one of our prenups before (but I couldn't 
find a red cape for it). Thanks, Feliz and Paula! You made 
one of my prenup wants come true without even knowing it.
After a couple of shots at the resort's bar (no pun intended 
and there were no alcohol involved), we went near the gazebo 
to light up our skylanterns. Our favorite part of the shoot. 
That was the first time we got to release skylanterns. They 
flew out perfectly. No glitches. We didn't get to do much 
posing though since most of the time we didn't know when 
they'll start flying. I hope we got some nice shots. When 
we were done with the skylanterns, we went ahead with the 
sparklers. It was like New Year all over again! Yay!

Then, when we were finally done, we packed up our stuffs and 
ate dinner. We were hungry. Paula, Feliz, Jay and I didn't get 
to have lunch (sorry, girls!) so food was a welcome sight for 
us. After saying our goodbyes, we headed back to Chest Knots 
Studio's office to drop off Paula and Feliz. What a day! 
Fun! Fun! Fun! 

Jay and I enjoyed the shoot a lot. Feliz and Paula were always 
there to take care of us. They even have portable fans for us 
and mosquito repelants for Rene (mosquitoes have a certain 
love for Rene for some reason). Hehe. My body was aching a bit 
when I woke up the next day but it was all worth it. I can't 
wait to see the pictures.
Here are some of the moodboards we used for our shoot:


8 thoughts on “Postnup shoot: Success!

  1. hi, im a wawie who got married last 288. like you i wanted more photos in our wedding day but unfortunately bumagyo that day so 😦 nwei, can i see you photos? i plan on having a pictorial in our wedding garb when my son is old enough to pose with us already. mukang ok yun suppliers mo eh. thanks!

  2. Thank you for your kind words regarding Casa Ibiza.

    I was the one who allowed you to use sky lanterns for your postnup shoot.

    I would love to see your photos once you have the copies already. 🙂

    Hope you’ll consider staying in Casa Ibiza again on your future trips.

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