Dinner at Lemuria

Forgive me for the lack of description. I am no food critic. I can only tell you if I liked the food or not.

I’ve been dying to eat at Lemuria for the longest time. However, the place is just too pricey. It’ll take some saving up to be able to eat there.

Thank God for Deal Grocer. They had a 50%off promo for a 5-course dinner at Lemuria which Jay and I instantly grabbed.

I didn’t think the dining place was going to be that small. It was very cozy. The guard showed us the way and the waiter was waiting at the door for us. He seated us and showed us the Deal Grocer menu.

They placed three different kinds of bread in the table. I can’t remember what they were called though (the waiter told us). The bread was warm and moist and smelled good.

Prawn Bisque. We had a choice between this and a salad. But since I love soup and it said “prawn” which is one of my favorite food, I thought “where could we go wrong with that?” Not to mention the fact that I don’t eat vegetables. I didn’t quite enjoy this as much as I expected though. I found the flavors too strong for an appetizer.

Pan seared Chilean Seabass with mushroom risotto and fresh vierge. I loved the seabass. It was perfectly cooked. I didn’t like the risotto at first because I wasn’t used to eating rice cooked like that but when I mixed everything up with the tomatoes the flavors just came together so well. Yeah, I ate the tomatoes… It’s not much but it’s progress. Yay, me!

Sorbet. I had no idea that a dish that small could already be called one-course of a meal. Hehe. It was just a small cup of sorbet. It tasted good though. Kinda like snowcone but the ice was finer. It served its purpose anyways and prepared us for the next dish.

Beef Ala Lourges Stuffed with Duck Liver, anchoviade and port wine reduction. I was a bit prejudiced with this at first because I don’t like liver but I really had no idea which part of the food was the liver anyways so I just sucked it up and started eating. I’m glad I did because I loved this dish too.

By the time we were finished, we were so full we thought we couldn’t eat the dessert anymore. But when the dessert arrived, we couldn’t get our eyes off it.

Chocolate souffle with Grand Marniere vanilla sauce. The souffle was soft and puffed. It had the right sweetness to it that you can enhance with the caramelized candy and chocolate syrup that came with it. Yum!

The waiters were very polite and attentive to your needs. I would love to go back and try their other dishes.

5 Julieta Circle, Horseshoe Village
Quezon City


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