Life after the wedding

Ok, so this is way overdue but I thought of posting it 
anyways... What happened after the wedding? To those having 
naughty thoughts in their minds, no, I'm not gonna discuss 
anything about THAT. This is more of a life in general kind of 
thing. OUR life, that is...

We don't have our own house yet but Jay's mom was gracious 
enough to lend us the house she got for Jay's kuya two houses 
away from theirs until we find our own place. When we got there, 
the place was void of furnitures and appliances (we knew this 
beforehand but was too busy with everything else). It was 
completely bare save for the wedding stuffs that Jay and I 
brought back from the hotel, an old electric fan, a few 
pillows, blankets and the sofa bed from Jay's old room that 
was set on the floor to sleep on. So yes, we were starting 
everything from scratch exactly a day after our wedding. 
Prepared much? Haha... Well, we like to cram. Anyways, we had 
only a day to sort things out before we had to leave for our 
Bohol trip. Woot! Woot!

After our much-needed vacation, we came back to the still-
almost-empty house. We looked around and thought, "Let's go 
shopping!" (or maybe that was just me). Hehe. There's no way 
we can sleep in the sofa bed forever (our backs were starting 
to hurt) and even a lesser possibility of me living without a 
TV for long. That's just not gonna happen. So we talked about 
our budget and what to buy first. And since Jay and I have our 
priorities straight, the first thing we bought was our LCD TV 
(thanks to all the monetary gifts).XD

Next on the list was a bed and a TV stand. It took us a while 
to find one. we spent hours walking around different malls and 
establishments trying to find the bed that we wanted and would 
fit our budget. This is when I found out that the price of the 
bed frame is different from the price of the mattress... 
Halatang clueless. It was a good thing that it was December 
and there were a lot of stuffs on sale. Even a 10% or 20% 
discount makes a lot of difference. I mean, wow... I had no 
idea we'll be spending so much money on house stuffs.

Up next was a sofa. Why? So people would have something to sit 
on. If you came to visit us before we bought a sofa (not that
we were expecting any guests), you would have to bring your 
own chair. Or we could sit on the floor. After that... nothing. 
Zero. Zilch. Nada. Wala. We haven't gotten around to buying 
any other furniture or appliance yet. We don't even have any 
table to dine in when eating. Jay & I bought this plastic bed 
table (you know the ones used for breakfast-in-beds) from SM 
and that's what we use when eating at the house. We also got 
some gifts (thank you very much, by the way) that we could use 
around the house. Another reason why we haven't really bought 
anything new yet (besides money matters) is because I spend 
weekdays at my parents' house at Pasay anyways so whatever we 
would buy would hardly be used. Why? You see, Jay's on a night 
shift. The house is quite big for two people and like I said 
before there's not much in it yet. I'm too "praning" to be 
left in the house alone at night (I have dependency issues) so 
Jay & I decided that I will live with my parents on weekdays. 

What about Jay? Well, he stays at the house in the morning. 
That's where he sleeps. If he needs food or drinking water he 
goes to his parents' house. As you can see, our living 
arrangement is still quite a mess and I guess it would stay 
that way as long as Jay and I are on completely different 
shifts. So if someone out there would like to offer Jay a new 
(day) job with better compensation, then by all means, say 
something... :P

We have this running joke that our "married" status is only 
applicable on weekends. Hehe. We haven't even filed for a 
change in status yet. Note to self: Start working on that. At 
the office, someone was introducing our team to their newbies. 
When he started introducing me, he said 'Misis' and I reacted 
right away: "Anong misis?!" Then I realized, "Ah, tama nga 
pala sya. Sorry naman." I'm not used to being referred to as 
'Misis' yet so please don't think anything bad about me.

Well, that's our married life... For now, atleast. Hehe. 
We're still working on things so that our lives would be much 
better in the future. Hopefully soon. We're just thankful that 
our families are there to help and support us when we need them. 
We're still very much blessed.

4 thoughts on “Life after the wedding

  1. naka-relate ako. kami naman we’re staying with my inlaws until next year when ready na lipatan the house that we bought. so far okay naman. just a few adjustments. kaya natin ‘to mga sis 🙂

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